<Between the nude and the body>, drawing, installation, and performance,  2017-2018





<BETWEEN THE NUDE AND THE BODY> is a performance repeating the postures shown on the nude croquis that I have drawn during the year 2017 and 2018. About 200 nude croquis drawings are covering the walls of the performed space, and according to the posture of the drawn body the drawings are categorized to generate a certain flow; standing postures are attached in the one end, seated and crouched bodies are in the middle and lying postures are located in the other end. Additionally, mirrors are distributed randomly and attached on the back of some nude croquis.

As the performance begins, the performer in the middle of the space randomly chooses a drawing, take it off from the wall, drop it down to the floor and reenact the body just like the model of the nude croquis according to the time (3min, 5min, 10min) written on the paper. As time passes, the floor is covered with the fallen drawings and mirrors begin to appear on the wall reflecting the body of the performer. Meanwhile, the performer also manipulates the time of the still posture.

Therefore, during the performance <BETWEEN THE NUDE AND THE BODY>, there coexist the nude drawn on the paper, the reflected body of the performer on the wall, and also the real body of the performer in the middle of the performing space. Within this silent reenactment, the performance continuously generates unique space and time between the nude and the body.







'In Vivo Lab 2018: Daeun Joo's Show Window, between the nude and the body.'
group show('In Vivo Lab 2018: ___’s Show Window, ___.') projected by Jungsuh Lim

Rund Gallery
Usadan-ro 10-gil 88, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea